DropaBalm.com is a Story-driven Social Network Gaming Experience where you send your peeps a lip balm, play social network games, tell your story, and help important causes around the world.

The Team

Ok! We admit it. We're computer game-world junkies. We've been tickling our tensors by mouse and keypad for nigh onto.... well, many years! What does this have to do with DropaBalm.com? What's the story?

The Balms

There was never any question! We wanted Raining Rose, the Lip Balm Company to make the lip balms we sell. It's a straight-up, stand-out, stand-up company, just a few blocks away from us in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. The products, the people, the company philosophy - everything speaks for why we picked them.Tell me more!


The Website

DropaBalm.com is a Live BETA website. Think Facebook, Farmville, Farm Town, etc. A Live BETA platform adds new games, new features, new achievements weekly. It's never "done" it's always getting bigger, better, and definitely more interesting. Talk "future" to me!

DropaBalm.com is a story-driven, social network gaming experience. Everything has a story and everyone is connected.Why is this important?

The Causes

DropaBalm.com sends one dollar ($1.00) from each dropped balm (unit sale -- $6/six-degree kit) to support special causes around the world. Why is this important? Check out these causes and see for yourself.

The Postage

Much as it hit us like a Hollywood fear-flick, in 2009 when the Postmaster General threatened to cut mail service from 6 to 5 days a week, this was not just a tactic to try to scare us. Things have changed a lot at the US Post Office. Find out how!