Our LIVE BETA mode

www.DropaBalm.com is in LIVE beta mode.

The LIVE part means we're open for business. We have product and it's for sale via our PayPal checkout process. And as soon as you drop, we jump to delivering.

The beta part means that the underlying website is still in a state of development as far as the social networking, geo-mapping, and back office workflow systems go.

From day one, however, when you drop a balm we capture the data we need to showcase your social network and gaming activity here at DropaBalm.com. At launch we haven't yet deployed some of the nifty features that are under development. But as soon as these features come on-line, your past activity from day one will be included in the updated DropaBalm social network games activities.

Week by week www.DropaBalm.com will get bigger, better and more interesting. We're glad you are among our Early Adopters!

The DropaBalm Story-driven Social Network Gaming Experience is just getting started. Join now so you can be among the Veteran Balmers who can show the noobies the ropes.

New Features Coming Soon