Six-Degrees StoryNet Game Starter Kit

SKU: 6dg-F10020

The Six-Degrees StoryNet Game Starter Kit consists of your purchase of a single standard (first-degree) balm drop plus a transferable, prepaid, multi-drop token which is passed from Balmer to Balmee to create a 'Six Degrees of You' StoryNet.

Your Starter Kit purchase price includes six DropaBalm lip balm products plus all shipping and handling for the six drops associated with your new Six Degrees StoryNet game.

All Six-Degrees social games are 'stand-alone' StoryNets. That is, you create your new custom Six Degree game with the purchase of your Starter Kit rather than link-in or extend an existing Story-Net 'Join Us' or 'Grow Chain' game. Once created, however, a Six-Degrees social game can expand with new 'branches' by any player in the game purchasing and associating his or her Starter Kit with the existing Six-Degrees game.

Your initial purchase guarantees that a $6.00 USD donation will be made to the cause or causes of your choice. Note, however, that if you elect to support multiple causes when you create your Six-Degrees StoryNet, the exact distribution of your $6.00 donation will be made drop-by-drop as successive Balmees-turned-Balmers pass along your token and decide which of your designated causes they want to support.

Your first and subsequent Balmees become Balmers by dropping balm on the next 'degree' (new Balmee) in your Six-Degrees StoryNet. The drop is paid for using the Six-Degrees Token. With the drop, the game's multi-drop token then passes to this new Player in the game's growing StoryNet. With each drop, a drop-unit is deducted from the token's Drop Counter.

When the Drop Counter gets to zero, the Six-Degrees game becomes inactive. Any player who has participated in the Six-Degrees StoryNet may extend the game by purchasing 'drop recharges' that increase the Drop Counter so it may continue to pass from Balmer to Balmee.

All Players in a Six-Degrees StoryNet are eligible to be awarded special Six-Degrees personal and StoryNet achievements.

Price: $25.00
Weight: 0.15 oz
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