How can I nominate a Good Cause or Organization for Support at

If you are a registered community member and would like to harness the power of DropaBalm for your fundraising efforts, simply click the Cause or Organization link under the Create Content menu link in your personal navigation menu in the right-side sidebar of any page. Then fill in the form with as much information as you can, especially including your nomination statement, and you have started the ball rolling for this new Good Cause.

We will quickly review your nomination. If necessary, we'll work with you to ensure as much information is included for us to accept and process donations, etc. Once provisionally approved as a Good Cause Candidate, your nomination will be published on this Good Cause Candidate page.

As soon as your nomination has ten (10) community members that 'fav' your candidate, we'll do our final review and announce the availability of your Good Cause for support at