How did you choose the causes DropaBalm supports?

To launch, we 'seeded' the site with three Good Causes that we felt a special and personal interest in supporting:

  • The HALO Trust – which is dedicated to the eradication of unexploded landmines and war debris – was a natural for our personal peace-loving ways. Also, honestly, we did not want folks to read too much into the verbal word-play of "dropping balms" as our means of creating a social gaming experience and commerce transaction to support Good Cause fundraising. So we felt that supporting The HALO Trust was a good way to show that our word-play is purely metaphorical and that we are sensitive to the seriousness of dropping actual bombs rather than balms.
  • The American Cancer Society was another easy choice for us. Like so many folks, both DropaBalm Jambo and DropaBalm TeeBee have lost loved ones to cancer. If there is anything we can do to help understand and find a cure for cancer, we're there.
  • Finally, Common Cause, the non-partisan citizen-action organization dedicated to helping to make democracy work primarily through promoting election finance reform and citizen civic education. This, too, was an obvious and easy choice for us. No matter which side of the ideological/political debate you are on, it is certainly apparent that we live in challenging times. If there was ever a time to "double-down" on supporting Common Cause, this is it.

These three Good Causes were our initial 'seeds' for All other Good Causes and Organizations available for StoryNet support are nominated and championed by our community members.