How does my Balmee know that a balm has been dropped on them?


As soon as you complete your transaction, an e-mail is sent to your Balmee. The e-mail subject line is a HEADS UP that they have been balmed by you (the Balmer).


Inside the e-mail your Balmee will find information about the DropaBalm vocabulary (Balmer, Balmee, Drop a Balm); all the details which make up this unique story-bit (who, why, which cause(s), etc.); and mailing and e-mail addresses for both you, the Balmer, and your Balmee.


There is also an invitation for the Balmee to set up an account - an option we make available but not a requirement at all. We provide a temporary username, a temporary password, and a one-time-use URL for the Balmee to quickly access the new user account set-up at if they choose to do so.