How do I set up my account?


Setting up an account is very easy to do. On the navigation bar to the right of the page, find the User login area. Just below the login button you will see the link Create new account.


Click on the link to open the User Account page. Here you fill in your Username and a valid e-mail address, then click on the Create New Account button. Information is provided below each field to help you as you set up your account. Once you click on the Create New Account button, you will then be taken back to the Home page.


At the top of the Home page, just below the DropaBalm banner you will now see a message. It tells you that your password and further instructions have been mailed to your e-mail address (the one you provided when you created your account). To complete your account set up you must get your temporary password and follow the instructions in this e-mail. Using this two-step set-up process helps to keep SPAM bots from setting up accounts.


The e-mail we send you will have "Account details for (your Username) at" on the Subject line. Open the e-mail, copy your temporary password and click on the link provided to take you to the Userlogin on the Home page where you can enter your Username and paste your temporary password and Login to your account. Replace your temporary password with a new password and SAVE your changes.

Once you have an account you can drop a balm by starting your own StoryNet or by joining a 'Join Us' StoryNet in progress.