What kind of data is automatically shown in My Account?


Here is what you will see on your brand new Account page. As you become active, your Account will automatically show the list of StoryNet Games in which you are playing, your Achievements to date, story-bits you have provided as a Balmer and story-bits you have received as a Balmee, and the History of how long you have been playing at DropaBalm.


After you have dropped and/or received balms, when you click on the DropaBalming Activity tab you will see the history of your Balm Drops and your Incoming Balms (with some related Story-bit data). In the Link-in Messages list you will see any e-mail messages you have received from people who would like to link with you so they can enter a 'Join Us' StoryNet game.

Once you have dropped a balm or received a balm, address information will be stored in your Account. Click on the Addresses tab to open the list of address(es) you have used for yourself and the list of addresses of all your your Balmees. You can edit or delete any address in your list.

The Edit tab, allows you to make changes to your Account or your Profile.