What happens to the information you collect about me?

When you create an account at DropaBalm.com your LogIn ID, e-mail address, password, and all order placement data are recorded in databases on our servers. Our servers are protected from direct access by anybody else on the Internet through proxy server firewalls.

Our site uses a contact information form for customers to order products. When you place an order at DropaBalm we collect your contact information (name, address, email address, etc.), the contact information for your Balmee (name, address, etc., OR just the e-mail address - your choice as indicated on the order page). And, we collect your "story" (who, why, which causes you support, etc.).

Contact information is used to send orders (to you or your Balmees), or to get in touch with you if/when needed. Your "story" data is used to calculate donation percentages for the causes you support; to track social network connections in the social network gaming experience; and to add to the total count for a state, city, or other geo-location.

Access to your personal information here at DropaBalm is strictly limited to only those employees who are directly providing products or services to you.