What is a '6-Degrees of You' game and how do I play?

This is a “drop one and pass the token on” game. The StoryNet Creator selects the cause(s) to be supported and then buys a 6 game token for 6 balms.

The StoryNet Creator then drops one balm on their Balmee. The game token (now a 5-balm token) is passed to their Balmee, who then drops one balm and passes the 4-balm token to their Balmee. this continues until there are no more balm-tokens left to pass and the StoryNet pauses.

At any time, any player in the game can refill the game token by buying more tokens - as many as they choose to purchase - to keep the StoryNet growing.

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The token counter on the StoryNet's home page will always show how many tokens are currently in the game and who refilled the token counter with how many tokens.

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At any time, any player in the game can start a new "branch" in the same StoryNet by buying a 6-Degrees of You StoryNet Kit and dropping the first of those 6 balms on a new balmee.

Anyone can start a new 6-Degrees of You StoryNet, but you must be invited to join a 6-Degrees of You StoryNet that is already in progress by someone in the game dropping a balm on you.