What is a 'Join Us' game and how do I play?

This is an “open” game. Anyone who wants to drop a balm can send an e-mail to an existing player in the StoryNet game and join the StoryNet.

The StoryNet Creator selects the cause(s) this StoryNet will support, and the cause dollar from each sale will be divided up depending on whether the StoryNet supports one, two or three causes.

'Join Us' games are called "open" games because anyone who wants to join that StoryNet can join the game by sending an e-mail to anyone in the StoryNet already to announce they are joining the StoryNet.

Entering a Join Us game is a good way to support a StoryNet you find interesting while giving a gift of some excellent lip balm to one of your friends or family and supporting a worthy cause.

Anyone can start a new 'Join Us' StoryNet, and anyone can join a 'Join Us' StoryNet that already exists.