What is a StoryNet?

When you drop a balm, each lip balm you send tells a 'story-bit' about who you are and why you are dropping a balm on someone. Each Balmer’s story-bit is added to the story-bits of others in the same social game network. The chain of story-bits together make up a StoryNet (as in Story Network).

StoryNets can be wildly different from each other. The Story they tell depends on why the StoryNet was created; how many Balmers are participating in the StoryNet and where they are located; which cause(s) the StoryNet supports; the chain of story-bits that unfolds as the StoryNet expands; and which type of game the StoryNet is playing.

There are currently three types of StoryNet games availabie, but more types of games are already in development.

An individual (Balmer) can join a game in progress or start his/her own StoryNet Game.