What's the goal of a '6-Degrees of You' game?

The 6-Degrees of You game is a fun way to see how extensive a StoryNet can become in support of its purpose and the cause(s) it supports. It has a number of goals and many achievement levels possible.

The main goals of all of the DropaBalm games are to have fun, send a 'cool' gift to a loved one, and to raise money for worthy causes. The 6-Degrees of You game adds a few more goals that make this game quite interesting.

One goal is to see how connected people are to each other - in 6-degrees of you, who can you "reach"? Another goal is to keep extending the StoryNet to see how many cause dollars can be raised for its causes. A third goal is to see how long the game can continue - will players recharge the drop token to keep the StoryNet growing?