Frequently Asked Questions - StoryNets

When you drop a balm, each lip balm you send tells a 'story-bit' about who you are and why you are dropping a balm on someone. Each Balmer’s story-bit is added to the story-bits of others in the same social game network. The chain of story-bits together make up a StoryNet (as in Story Network).

StoryNets can be wildly different from each other. The Story they tell depends on why the StoryNet was created; how many Balmers are participating in the StoryNet and where they are located; which cause(s) the StoryNet supports; the chain of story-bits that unfolds as the StoryNet expands; and which type of game the StoryNet is playing.

There are currently three types of StoryNet games availabie, but more types of games are already in development.

An individual (Balmer) can join a game in progress or start his/her own StoryNet Game.

If you click on "StoryNets" in the navigation bar at the top of the page, you will learn more about StoryNets in general and all the StoryNets in progress.

A StoryNet captures and displays the bits and pieces of data that tell the whole story of a particular StoryNet Game. You can access the whole story by clicking on the title of any one of the StoryNets.

You can see who created the game and why, and which causes the Story Creator wants the game to support. You can see who the players are to date, which of those causes they want to support, and read interesting story-bits of how people are connected to each other.

You can see who is connected to whom (social network) and their general geographic location (geo-map). You can easily see the "reach" of the game network by checking out it's size and how players are spread across the country or the world.

All this data - story creation, social network, geo-map and story-bits - make up the whole story of a StoryNet.

Each StoryNet is both a story of how people interact with each other and a network of their connections.

The Story Teller View shows you how the story of this StoryNet has unfolded, step-by-step, as each new story-bit has been added.

The Explorer View allows you to see how the network of this StoryNet has evolved. By clicking on individual story-bit buttons in the Dropped Balm Stories list; on people icons in the geo-map; and on individual links in the social network image you can explore how the people in a StoryNet are connected.

If you are looking to enter a 'Join Us' StoryNet already in progress, the Explorer View provides information to help you choose the player you want to connect with to join that StoryNet game.

The Story Teller View starts from the beginning - who created this StoryNet and why - and then step by step adds each new story-bit - who drops the next balm on whom, where, and why -- until the StoryNet unfolds to its current point in time. You can read each new story-bit and see each new connection as it is added to the network geo-map, while watching the Donation Tally increase in cause dollars.

The Explorer View allows you to see all the information displayed at once about the StoryNet to date: the full geo-map of connections, the full list of story-bits, and the social network diagram of who is connected to whom.


Click on any story-bit button in the Dropped Balm Stories list, to open and display its story-bit information, to see the two players connected in that story-bit displayed with a green link and jumping icons on the geo-map, and to see their profile pictures and the link between them highlighted on the social network diagram.


Pass your cursor over a picture on the social network diagram to highlight that player's connections in this story network. Do the same over any link and the story-bit connecting the two players appears. Click on any link and the story-bit button opens in the Stories list, the connected players display a green link and their icons will be jumping on the geo-map.


When you pass your cursor over an icon on the geo-map, the player it represents is identified. A red link shows a balmer-balmee connection, a blue link shows an e-mail Link-in between someone who entered a 'Join Us' StoryNet through a player already in the game.

Each time a Balmer drops a balm on a Balmee a story-bit is created. Story-bits can be as informative, creative, and entertaining as the Balmee chooses.

During the Checkout process the Balmer provides a a few choice words to describe himself or herself and a few choice words describing their Balmee. The Balmer explains why they are dropping this balm on their Balmee. And, finally the Balmer chooses which of this StoryNet's causes he/she is supporting, and why this cause is being supported with this particular balm drop. All these pieces of information make up the story-bit of a single connection between one Balmer and one Balmee.


The social network diagram shows the Username and Profile picture (if one has been uploaded) of each of the individual players in a StoryNet. It shows how each of the players is connected to all other players in the same game using links drawn between them.

Red arrows are drawn from a Balmer to a Balmee. If this is a 'Join Us' StoryNet, blue arrows designate who sent an e-mail to whom to Link-in to this game. The number next to each link shows which story-bit is related to that connection.

In this sample diagram you can see that in story-bit #6, Maria Sato sent Maria Davis an e-mail to Link-in to this 'Join Us' StoryNet, then proceeded to drop a balm on Annie4Wind.


If you click on a link in the social network diagram, the related story-bit opens in the Dropped Balm Stories list, and the two players' icons on the geo-map jump up and down. If this is a 'Join Us' StoryNet, the two players' icons will invite you to send one of them an e-mail to Link-in to this game.

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