What information can I see about StoryNets I have not joined?

A StoryNet captures and displays the bits and pieces of data that tell the whole story of a particular StoryNet Game. You can access the whole story by clicking on the title of any one of the StoryNets.

You can see who created the game and why, and which causes the Story Creator wants the game to support. You can see who the players are to date, which of those causes they want to support, and read interesting story-bits of how people are connected to each other.

You can see who is connected to whom (social network) and their general geographic location (geo-map). You can easily see the "reach" of the game network by checking out it's size and how players are spread across the country or the world.

All this data - story creation, social network, geo-map and story-bits - make up the whole story of a StoryNet.