What information can I see in the Explorer View of a StoryNet?

The Explorer View allows you to see all the information displayed at once about the StoryNet to date: the full geo-map of connections, the full list of story-bits, and the social network diagram of who is connected to whom.


Click on any story-bit button in the Dropped Balm Stories list, to open and display its story-bit information, to see the two players connected in that story-bit displayed with a green link and jumping icons on the geo-map, and to see their profile pictures and the link between them highlighted on the social network diagram.


Pass your cursor over a picture on the social network diagram to highlight that player's connections in this story network. Do the same over any link and the story-bit connecting the two players appears. Click on any link and the story-bit button opens in the Stories list, the connected players display a green link and their icons will be jumping on the geo-map.


When you pass your cursor over an icon on the geo-map, the player it represents is identified. A red link shows a balmer-balmee connection, a blue link shows an e-mail Link-in between someone who entered a 'Join Us' StoryNet through a player already in the game.