What information does the social network diagram of a StoryNet provide?


The social network diagram shows the Username and Profile picture (if one has been uploaded) of each of the individual players in a StoryNet. It shows how each of the players is connected to all other players in the same game using links drawn between them.

Red arrows are drawn from a Balmer to a Balmee. If this is a 'Join Us' StoryNet, blue arrows designate who sent an e-mail to whom to Link-in to this game. The number next to each link shows which story-bit is related to that connection.

In this sample diagram you can see that in story-bit #6, Maria Sato sent Maria Davis an e-mail to Link-in to this 'Join Us' StoryNet, then proceeded to drop a balm on Annie4Wind.


If you click on a link in the social network diagram, the related story-bit opens in the Dropped Balm Stories list, and the two players' icons on the geo-map jump up and down. If this is a 'Join Us' StoryNet, the two players' icons will invite you to send one of them an e-mail to Link-in to this game.