Do I need JavaScript?

Short answer, yes. You absolutely need JavaScript enabled in your browser to fully enjoy the content and social game participation here at

JavaScript is essential for proper construction and display of the Google maps which showcase the geographical dimension of DropaBalm StoryNets. We use JavaScript as well in composing the GraphViz-based social network diagrams that show the linkage among DropaBalm social game players.

And, just as importantly, we use extensive JavaScript-enabled scripting to facilitate the efficient e-Commerce checkout process/work-flow where you do way more than just conveniently purchase and drop a balm. We've worked diligently to provide an easy-to-use checkout system that eases creating new StoryNets and helps you associate drops and StoryNets with the Good Causes supported here at DropaBalm, etc.

So if you just can't bring yourself to turning on JavaScript as you surf the Internet, thank you for visiting If and when you do venture out with a JavaScript-enabled browser, please come back by and join in the fun.