Wahoo... We've got PRODUCT! :-)

We've got PRODUCT! Take a gander at the DropaBalm lip balms offered exclusively at www.DropaBalm.com!

Our DropaBalm Cherry Balms with our super cool, most colorful label will take you to new heights of fun and frolic, turn your life into a madhouse of happy, and cover every one of your friends and family with a heaping boatload of luck and good fortune. Okay. That last one is really a bit too much. We're just so excited to have our first load of DropaBalms in house and ready for dropping. Even the cats are jumping up and down! Go ahead! Click on the Dropa Cherry Balm link under the smiley face. You'll see what we mean!

October 2010: We just picked up our first order of custom DropaBalm lip balms from our super duper local Cedar Rapids supplier, Raining Rose, the Lip Balm Company....and WAHOO! We're jumping up and down here!

This was our first big challenge and we definitely nailed it! We had to design and develop a custom product label that captured the DropaBalm story and complemented the exceptional innards of our DropaBalm product - Raining Rose lip balms. We sweated the details and paced the floor, and tweaked and tweaked until we felt we had "it." But you never quite know until you see the finished product....WAHOO!