DropaBalm StoryNets

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What are StoryNets?

When you drop balm, each lip balm you send tells a 'story-bit' and helps create a chain of story-bits that together make up a StoryNet (as in Story Network). Your drop may be within an existing StoryNet, or you may choose to start your own StoryNet social network game.

Social Network Game? How so? A game is simply a chain of interactions where there are rules and some form of scoring. At launch, we've supporting three rule-sets: 'Grow Chains' and 'Join Us' and '6-Degrees of You' StoryNets. Over time, we'll be adding new rule sets and scoring options as we continuously expand and improve the DropaBalm StoryNet social game experience.

At present, scoring focuses on the total amount of cause dollar support designated by all of that StoryNet's players for each of the worthy causes supported by that particular StoryNet and the total amount of cause dollars raised to date across all StoryNets for the same causes.