Your Dropped Balm Tells a Story


Show/hide slide text - Your Dropped Balm tells a story.

  • The optional infobits you provide when you drop a balm tell a story:
    • "I’m a high school student in Tulsa, OK."
    • "I’m dropping a balm on my grandma in Baltimore."
    • "To announce I got straight A’s on my report card."
    • "And to support the American Cancer Society in memory of Grandpa."
  • And your story can become a link in a chain of stories that tell an even Bigger Story of us having fun while helping causes that make our world a better place.

Images: A Happy Fave labeled 'Me' and a Surprised Happy Face labeled 'Grandma.' Me says: "I'm actually cooler looking than this in real life." And commenting on Grandma, Me says, "Grandma is prettier than this. And she only had this expression when I showed her my tattoo."