Social Net Game = Rules + Scores/Achievements


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  • Social network relationship or attribute requirements
    • Start a game that requires a "boy-girl-boy-girl" chain.
    • Do a "students vs. alumnae" challenge.
  • Geo-location requirements and patterns
    • Game: Do a coast-to-coast figure-8 through Iowa.
    • Personal Achievement: Drop a balm in at least 5 states.

Images: A chain of four Happy Faces, the first and third with a mullet hair-do, each appropriately labeled "Mullet" or "Non-Mullet" to demonstrate a social network game with a 'Mullet<>Non-Mullet" Connection Rule. A second set of Happy Face images show three Mohawk-haired 'students' an three bushy eyebowed and mustachioed 'alumnae' with multiple link-paths shown as the groups respond to the challenge. A final image shows an excited young girl pointing calling to her 'off-camera' Mom saying, "Hey, Mom! That lady you know in New York just finished my Figure-8 to support the Halo Trust. That means fewer landmines to hurt kids."