How We help You


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  • will showcase and reward
    • Top 10 Longest-lived Chains
    • Top 5 Chains with Most Links
    • Longest Geo-distance Chain to Date
    • Most Engaging Story-Net
    • Individual Achievements, etc.
  • @DropaBalm Twitter, RSS, and social media announcements and "Link-seeking" hook-ups
  • As we create new website features, you’ll have a "construction set" to create more games and challenges.

Images: A stick-figure person holding up a large gold trophy says, "I started the chain that just broke the record for Most Links Added in 1 Week!" A second image vignette shows the Twitter logo-bluebird flying just below the text of some Twitter feeds that say: @DropaBalm: "We need a balmee in NY who'll balm someone in AZ" @DropaBalm: "BalmNet_324 just broke 20 links! Congrats!!"